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Metal Roofing Concord NH

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Your metal roof will last at least 30 to 40 years—with little to no maintenance. Its rust-proof coating will not corrode or crack. Most importantly, it will protect your home against extreme temperatures, high winds (up to 140 miles per hour), hail, marine air, and even fire. 

Low Maintenance

With a metal roof, you won’t need to worry about curling, buckling, or algae growth. And if you need to, you can repaint it rather than replace it.

Energy Efficiency

Due to its reflective properties, your metal roof can help with your monthly heating and cooling costs. 

Its durability, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency are making metal roofing an increasingly popular roofing option for many of today’s homeowners. 

MetalMax Roofing

We proudly use MetalMax materials in our metal roofing installations. A family-owned company, MetalMax is a leading manufacturer of quality metal roofing and siding materials. All of their products are eco-friendly, durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, and backed by a 40-year guarantee. They have manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., including one right here in Concord, New Hampshire.

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