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◼︎ Curling, buckling, or cracking shingles

◼︎ Ice dam formation on your roof edge

◼︎ Algae or fungal growth

◼︎ Water damage inside your home

◼︎ Moisture in your attic

◼︎ An improperly sealed chimney

◼︎ Improper ventilation

I recently had a customer ask me,“Why should I hire a builder to replace my roof, instead of a roofer?” That’s a great question, and I welcome the opportunity to answer it!

Need a new roof? Here’s why you should hire a builder, not a roofer.

What roofers do:

Most roofers simply repair, install, and replace roofs. They’re adept at tearing off shingles, repairing or replacing the decking where needed, and installing new roofing materials. Ask one to take a look at your roof and there's a good chance they’ll agree that you need a new one and give you a quote for the project. Most will do a good job and your new roof will look great.

What builders do:

Most roofers don’t take the time to identify or explain the cause of your roofing trouble. Not every roofing problem is caused by old age. Sometimes, there are structural or environmental issues at the root of it. A reputable builder like Jesse James Roofing & General Contracting  will thoroughly inspect your roof and look for signs of trouble, including:

Before we replace a roof, we want to ensure that any presenting problems are addressed. A good roof is only as good as its surrounding structures and the decking below it. If we identify any issues that will give you trouble in the future, you can be assured we’ll tell you about them.

Got a roofing problem? We’ve got a solution.

Think you need a new roof? Give us a call. We install shingles, metal, epdm, cedar shakes, and more! Interested in financing your project? We offer easy, hassle-free financing from $1,000 to $100,000 (with no hit on your credit) through a nationwide lender. Click here to learn more.

About Jesse James Roofing & General Contracting 

We bring over 20 years of residential construction experience to every job we do. I started in the business early on, apprenticing alongside my father on his job sites. I further developed my skills and experience by working with other reputable building companies before venturing out on my own. I pride myself in honesty, professionalism, and outstanding craftsmanship. Whether I’m replacing your roof, remodeling your kitchen, or building your new home, you can expect a high quality project that’s built to last.

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